Pulses, Brewer Rice, Tapioca Starch and Venison Meat – A healthier Diet for Pets’ Wellbeing!

For a pet owner, nothing is more important than the health of their pets. Pet owners often look for ways to find fresh and healthier dog treats and meals. Pet food manufacturers have also started paying attention to the fact that pet owners are now considerate about their pets’ health and diet. Thus, they continuously are in search of ingredients that can provide complete nutrition for domesticated dogs.

Let’s explore how pulses, brewer rice, tapioca starch and venison meat make a great combination.

Use Pulses to Enhance the Goodness of Pet Food

A trend has been observed when pet food manufacturers start including pulses in pets’ treats to promote a plant-based diet for dogs. A few great pulses ingredients include lentils, chickpeas, peas, fibre, and more.

In pets – dogs and cats, lentil and peas diets have shown better glucose and insulin levels in comparison with corn-based diets. A pulses-based diet on a daily basis can help maintain the palatability and stool quality in pets which makes it an effective diet for them. In addition, according to a study, diets rich in pulses helps provide feedback to the brain and strengthen their mental health ultimately.

  • Lentils – containing plenty of fibre and protein, lentils make perfect food for pets. It helps keep their digestive system healthier and sturdier. A lentil-based diet is an ideal solution when pet owners are looking for pet treats that can keep their lovely canine companions energetic throughout their life.
  • Chickpeas – making a great combination between protein and fibre, chickpeas are another beneficial source to obtain complete nutrition for domesticated animals. Chickpeas are rich in various vitamins and minerals, hence, pet owners who want to feed their dogs a complete and balanced diet may find this food an ideal choice. Moreover, this ingredient can easily be found in pet foods that you can get from any pet food manufacturer or seller.
Brewer Rice and Brewer Yeast – An Ultimate Source of Complete Nutrition for Dogs

Ingredients listed on the backside of the commercial foods are easy to identify and recognize since they are pretty common. However, pet owners usually are not familiar with other food ingredient sources such as brewer rice and yeast. They might read the terms on the food but don’t really know about them – most significantly their benefits for dogs’ health and well-being.

Brewer rice – also known as broken rice, is one of the healthier and easily digestible carbohydrates that every dog must be fed on a regular basis. The amazing thing about this ingredient is that it is rich in fiber along with containing a large number of nutrients that are important for the improved health of dogs. In addition, domesticated animals like cats and dogs that often suffer from skin allergies and health complications like digestive issues can take advantage of this rich in carbohydrate ingredient.

Tapioca Starch – A Novel Source of Energy for Pets

Produced from the large roots of the Cassava plant, Tapioca starch is a carbohydrate that is easily digestible by humans and animals alike. It is one of the great sources of energy for domesticated animals. Especially ones who used to have skin and other severe allergies. Tapioca starch doesn’t contain any added sugar or protein which makes it a perfect food for dogs and cats.

In addition, pet food manufacturers use this ingredient to keep commercial pet foods fresh and maintained. This ingredient doesn’t only work as an energy booster but it helps keep the food products fresher and together. Serving as a binder, tapioca starch also keeps food from falling apart into crumbs. This ingredient offers various benefits that’s why it has already become the first choice of pet stakeholders to include in dog treats and commercial foods.

Venison Meat – A Great Source of Protein and Vitamin B

Full of protein and vitamin B, venison meat is an incredible choice for a healthy immune system in dogs and cats. Also known as deer meat, venison meat is leaner as compared to beef and other red meats. Thus, venison meat has a low level of fat and cholesterol in general. This meat helps prevent dogs from gaining extra weight keeping them all healthier, energetic and young for years.

In addition, this meat is highly beneficial since it provides complete nutrition for a dog’s health. It is alike healthier dogs that often suffer from serious skin allergies, obesity, high cholesterol levels and digestive issues. Also, for dogs that don’t usually like to eat red meats in their daily diets, this meat can be a great alternative providing them complete nutrients.

Another benefit of venison meat is that it is rich in minerals and vitamins including omega 3, iron and vitamin B2. also known as Vitamin B2 Riboflavin is necessary for a pet’s health. It also combines with other vitamins and minerals and produces antibodies in a dog’s body that help fight against diseases and makes their immune system sharper, healthier and stronger.  

Wrapping It Up

Every dog is different from others: so are their nutritional needs. Dogs need to be fed with the right, proper and complete nutrition to stay fit, healthy and energetic. The appropriate amount of essential nutrients in their daily diet provides them with long-term benefits whilst promoting improved health.

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