How to Get the Right Balance From Pet Food?

Balance is crucial in all aspects of our life, but it’s arguably most important in a dog’s nutrition. A dog who consumes an unbalanced diet lacks all of the key elements he/she requires. This will cause them to likely develop more health issues and live a shorter, less joyful life.

Pet food companies have to ensure that their products are providing all the essential nutrients but cannot mention it on their label. In this post, we will highlight how to get the right balance from pet foods.

1.   Essential nutrients are provided by pet food ingredient

It is true that the ingredient list is important on pet food packages and so are the nutrients which we get from those ingredients. Water and energy which we get from proteins, carbs, fats, vitamins, and minerals are all needs by animals. However, these needs can only be met and monitored with the help of professionals such as vets or nutritionists. Not through pet food companies.

Another thing to consider is that nutrients from the ingredients are essential in pet food, not the ingredients list alone. You will need to look at the nutrition facts lists to make sure there are enough nutrients. With the help of pet food and other foods that are given at suitable times and in a balance, these nutrient requirements can be met easily. It does not matter what the ingredients on the label say.

Another way to find the right balance is that if your pet food contains protein then an adequate amount of that will meet protein requirements and if protein is not mentioned in the nutrients list then use whole food sources such as meat or chicken.

2.   Nutrition balance and adequacy

Do you wonder why nutrients are so important? Well, it is because of metabolism. For example, if enough carbohydrates are not consumed then energy levels in the body will be low. So in place of that if you consume any other nutrient the body will utilize that for stored glucose energy. This process is what we call balance. If one gets this process right with their pet food then that will mean they have found the right balance.

Pet foods are made with the purpose of meeting daily nutrient requirements. Therefore, if done correctly or incorrectly, can make or break the balance. Yes, if these nutrients are given in excess quantities that can have a negative consequence. This is why meeting the ideal requirement is crucial.

3.   Nutrition at different life stages

Some pet foods are specifically designed to meet changing nutrient requirements. These situations occur when a pet grows. Both dogs and cats have different nutrient requirements at specific life stages.

At this stage, the ingredients in all-stage pet food will be beneficial because they will have the nutrients required at that specific life stage. It can be tricky to get it from normal pet food which caters to different needs.


When it comes to pet food and nutrients both things go hand in hand. Pet food companies need to do their research when buying ingredients and must only buy from the best global food ingredient suppliers. This way you can ensure that nutrient requirements will be met through your pet foods.

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