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Highest Quality Ingredients

Seatarra Ingredient Alliance offers a diverse catalogue of top quality ingredients at competitive prices.  At Seatarra Ingredient Alliance, we care about the quality of ingredients that go into making nutritious pet food. We know how important food safety is and we make sure our products reach the highest standard for safety and traceability.

What We Offer

What allows us to offer the highest quality and specialty ingredients to customers at competitive prices is a direct result of our:

Below is a listing of our core ingredients that we offer; however, we are continuously researching and sourcing other innovative and specialty ingredients.

Novel Proteins

Salmon Meal

Salmon Meal is made from freshly harvested Atlantic Salmon at a plant on the West Coast of Norway. Only fresh heads, backbones and cuts are used as raw material.

Lamb Meal

This ingredient is made from lamb products which are rendered to remove the water and fat, leaving a dry, high-quality, highly digestible protein for lean muscles. It also provides essential vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin B12 and selenium, and is beneficial to the coat of pets. Sourced from Australia and New Zealand, Lamb Meal is an excellent protein source.

Venison Meal

This product is derived and produced from animals that were born, continuously reared and slaughtered in New Zealand only, and is certified by NZMAF as “Low Risk” material.

Duck Meal

The dry rendered product derived from the parts of whole carcasses of duck with or without accompanying bone, exclusive of feathers, heads, feet, or entrails. Good source of Protein and Amino Acids this product is excellent for maintaining muscle and other metabolic processes.

Herring Meal

Clean ground, dried tissues consisting of whole herring fish and/or cuttings. This product is nutrient rich and an excellent source of protein. High in amino and fatty acids this ingredient aids in the improvement of skin and coat as well as bone health, digestion and other immunity and metabolic functions.

Spray Dried Whole Egg Powder

A spray dried egg product resulting from the removal of water from pasteurized inedible liquid hen eggs containing yolk and albumen (no shells). High source of animal protein and fat which helps to aid in the balancing of protein quality or increase protein digestibility in pets. This product is packaged in 1000 kg sacks.

Whitefish Meal

Clean ground, dried tissues consisting of whole Whitefish and/or cuttings. This finished product is an excellent source of protein and rich in nutrients.

Pollock Meal

Clean ground, dried tissues consisting of whole MSC certified Alaskan Pollock and/or cuttings which is derived from freshly frozen at sea materials. This finished product is an excellent source of protein and rich in nutrients.

Exotic Meats

Rabbit Meat & Carcass

Rabbit is an excellent source of Vitamin B12. It is packed with protein and contains essential Amino Acids to help build healthy muscle and boost immune systems.

Duck Meat & Carcass

High in fat this is an excellent choice for feeding an energetic diet. Full of Omega 3 fatty acids it is also excellent for maintaining a healthy coat.

Venison Meat

Full of B vitamins and protein Venison meat is a great choice for supporting an energetic diet and healthy immune system.


Organic Chamomile Powder

This ingredient is beneficial for soothing both skin and stomach inflammation and irritations. It is also useful in easing Gastrointestinal issues along with helping to alleviate stress and anxiety.

Organic Papaya Juice Powder

This ingredient is an excellent source of fiber and easily digestible. In addition to being a great source of magnesium and calcium to aid in growth and development.

Nettle Root Powder

An excellent supplement rich in crude protein, calcium and magnesium along with a multitude of vitamins. This ingredient is rich in fiber and antioxidants and is advantageous in alleviating both digestive and urinary ailments.

Organic Echinacea Purpurea Root Powder

This ingredient is an excellent immune booster and is beneficial in aiding to reduce inflammation and upper respiratory infections.


Salmon Hydrolysate

This ingredient is rich in protein and is a highly palatable flavor enhancer that is easy to digest. Given the smaller protein molecule this is also ideal for animals that are prone to allergies.

Amino Acids


Amino acid used to maintain lean muscle and beneficial in supporting heart health.


This amino acid is essential to heart health as well as assisting in healthy vision and cardiac and immune system function.


Tapioca Starch

Highly digestible carbohydrate which provides a novel source of energy. This starch is ideal for use in with allergies and limited ingredient diets due to its lack of protein.

Potato Fibre

Functional dietary fiber source ingredient. Free from Allergens and highly nutritional.

Dried Potato

Sustainable ingredient obtained from various site streams out of the potato processing industry with the nutritional composition of whole potato, but with added functionality features.

Potato Starch

Sustainable ingredient obtained from native potato starch out of the potato processing industry. The starch is washed out and dried to powder, resulting in an ingredient that is rich in Carbohydrates and adding functionality.


RenderGuard 222

A liquid formulation of blended antioxidants for the preservation of fats and oils. This product is synthetic and does not contain the EQ and is a BHT BHA blend. It can be used in pet food and Stock feed applications, but has a lower activity without the EQ. The ingredients of this product are food grade.

RenderGuard 333

A liquid formulation of blended antioxidants for the preservation of fats and oils. This is a synthetic product and is a more active EQ free product using Propyl gallate. This is a very good product, but again, the type of ingredients makes this cost higher. The ingredients of this product are food grade.

RenderGuard Natural

A formulation of blended natural antioxidants for the preservation of fats and oils. This is a tocopherol-based product. The ingredients are food grade and this product is manufactured in a food grade plant, so can be used a food grade finished product. It is also a certified “Organic” product and is GM free. Natural tocopherols are more expensive than synthetic – hence the higher pricing. With the natural tocopherols that are already in Canola Oil, the addition of this product will compliment these tocopherols well.

Vegetable Proteins

Potato Protein

A concentrated extract from the potato tuber. Its unique and rich amino acid profile is ideal in supporting development and growth of microorganisms in conjuncture with other proteins to deliver optimal fermentation yields.

Pea Protein

Derived and extracted in powder form from yellow and green split peas. This ingredient is highly digestible and rich in both protein and amino acids.



This ingredient is high in protein and nutritional values. This makes it an ideal ingredient for highly sought-after grain free diets.


Offers a great balance of protein and fiber while being low in fat and abundant in vitamins and minerals making it ideal for grain free diets


High in fiber and excellent for digestive health. This makes it an ideal ingredient for grain free diets

Pea Fibre

Ingredient is obtained after cleaning and dehulling of peas. High in dietary fiber that does not affect the palatability of the food.


Brown Rice

Whole or broken kernels of rice from which the husks have been removed. This ingredient is full of natural fiber to aid in digestion. Excellent source of carbohydrates along with minerals and vitamins that are essential to health.

Brewer’s Rice

Brewer’s Rice is an easily digestible, nutrient-rich grain. Brewers Rice provides balanced nutrition for your pet in the form of energy.

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