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We are backed by 30 years of international expertise procuring and marketing top quality products

At Seatarra Ingredient Alliance, we have 30 years of expertise sourcing commodities and specialty ingredients. We validate all facilities and collect appropriate certifications ensuring traceability. Our mission is to deliver continuous value and excellent service to our customers and suppliers.

about us

Seatarra Ingredient Alliance is the
premier partner in sourcing ingredients
for pet food manufacturers. As seasoned
experts in the pet food industry, we know
what is important when it comes to
sourcing and marketing ingredients:
Reliable Service, Quality Assurance, Accountability and Competitive Pricing.

What we Offer

Our Services

Seatarra Ingredient Alliance offers a diverse catalogue of quality ingredients at competitive prices.

True Partnerships

Partnerships with key suppliers allow us to facilitate long term strategic relationships between suppliers and customers.

Sourcing Expertise

Our domestic and global relationships allow us to procure specialty ingredients such as novel proteins, exotic meats, botanical powders, amino acids, antioxidants, starches and many more.

SupplIer/Vendor opportunity

Seatarra is your partner to market, providing key benefits to reach global manufacturers of pet food products. Let’s connect and explore partnership opportunities together.


Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables in Pet Food

Ever wonder why many pet foods, treats and supplements contain fruits and vegetables, or if there is actually any benefit to these ingredients in diets? The short answer is yes, there are many health benefits to your pet that come from them eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Below, we will dive into the benefits of fruits and vegetables in your pet’s diet.

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